Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday fun...

Wait a minute it's Tuesday already!  I love, love, love short work weeks.  Doesn't everyone? 

So excited! (insert squeal here)  We are about to start planning a holiday vacation for myself, my daughter and grandson.  I know, I know we haven't even celebrated the 4th of July but I gotta get it going now for December because we are going to ...(drum roll please)............Disney World!  It'll be so awesome.  At that time my grandson will be about 3 1/2 years old, so for me perfect time for the total impact of the magic. 

This came about from a little conversation with my husband while watching AFV.  He asked me the next day to get it going.  He thought I should create the memories with my grandson while I could.  You never know what tomorrow or even next year will bring.  This trip is for me 1st, then my grandson and daughter,,sounds selfish but it's true. I've missed a chunk of time with my grandson and I want to create a wonderful memory of him during this part of his childhood, something I can hold close while we are apart.  Lots of pictures will be taken, of course, so he'll have something to look back on one day.  He may even get really lucky and have a few ghostly memories with his Nana at Disney when he is twenty something.  I have a few fragments of memory from that age, don't you, so it could happen.

I like everyone else just love the joy of innocence.  I absolutely love his face when something truly astonishes him.  You should have seen him this past Christmas when we watched the Polar Express.  Lots of oohs and ahhh's with little fingers pointing.  So adorably cute.  Much like this picture taken under his Great Grandmother's tree.  That train kept this little boy entertained most of the day, just going around and around the bottom of the tree.  The only trouble came when someone showed him how to turn on the train horn and whistle.

I've also been working in my art journal class/workshop, as I've mentioned.  On Monday's we get new videos.  I am so digging this workshop, http://www.scarletlime.com/3HeartsWorkshop.html.  Did you know you could use alcohol inks on gesso'd paper?!  I didn't.  I can't wait to give it a try.  Christy did make a note in this week's welcome about how another student is using a specific journal to document each technique we are being taught for later use.  We have access to the class material online for 3 months and that's plenty but I might want to do something in 6 months and the ole memory banks are getting kind of full these days, so a lot of stuff is falling out.  Anyone out there know what I mean?  Sure you do.  Any way it's something I plan to do. 

Check these out!

I'm also about to sign up for another series courses here http://www.donnadowney.com/ on Pan Pastels.  She also suggested a journal dedicated to just the different techniques being taught.  I just really miss living in a metropolitan area that actually keeps up with new products and such.  I have to order all supplies and just about everything online.  I am such a freak for instant gratification it's sick.  It's such a bummer to have to wait.

I've also been toying around with ideas for Christmas gifts.  I just can't decide if the family kids would really enjoy receiving charms or paintings or what ever else I create between now and then.  Only one kiddo really gives me any feedback, the others are fairly typical teenagers or young adults. Ah, what the heck they'll get what they get right!  They can be happy or just deal with old Aunt Kim's gift (same goes for the sibs).  Maybe they'll get both.  The thing is, a gift is about the idea of sharing, not the material or financial gain.  I think, somehow, we really missed teaching a whole generation about this value.

Here are just a few other pages from my journal.  One is finished the others are just the beginning stages.  Can you guess which one I walked away from last night?

I'm telling ya, you might not think you could do this but the hardest part is allowing yourself to let go and color outside the lines.  Go be creative and have fun!

~Hugs of love

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