Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

So, how was your Wednesday?  Mine felt a bit wack-a-doodle.  It started when I was making change for a customer, which should've been $1.19 but for some reason I tried to give him $7.19, where did that come from?  A few other things happened, just silly minor things but it's making think I might just be cracking up.  Anyway...

I started to plan a mixed media canvas piece last night but stopped cold in my tracks when I realized if I tore into this cute little book it would be gone from me forever.  OH-NO!

So what was I to do?  I could try to search out another copy of the book and if I was lucky I'd find one or, I could ... scan it ~  Ta-Da!  Thanks technology!  I scanned the little cutie.  I just love the graphics of that time, probably because that's what I used to learn to read.  This particular reader has parts copywritten in 1951.  I have others even older but this one with Dick and Jane just calls to me every time.  I seem to recall being so excited to learn how to read as a child, then there was the rebellion and I never wanted to read.  Then there was a time when others thought I was in a fantasy land because I just devoured books like chocolate (but I didn't really watch TV and we didn't have DVDs etc., so who cared right!).  Such is life.

New subject, have you discovered Pandora radio yet?  No, well search it and check it out.  It's a free internet radio that will pick songs or artist simular to the ones you have either 'liked' on Facebook, or searched out within their gooey.  For instance, I have Nora Jones so it's gone through and picked out Adele, Duffy, Sara Bareilles, and Etta James along with others.  Lovin' it!

That's all I've got today.  So tell me how did your day go?
~hugs of love

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