Sunday, June 26, 2011

Car Show and Charms

Oh my goodness!!!  Have you ever typed something with such excitement that you actually said something entirely different from what you meant to say?  You hit send and think all is well with the world, only it's not and you don't even know it yet.  Well, I did that today.  I felt so foolish when I realized what I had done, silly, silly, silly me.  I put out a correction and apologized for my blunder.  What else can a girl do?

I bought a raffle ticket for a beautiful car and posted this on my Facebook page via my cell (that's the root of the problem--posting from the cell).  Anyway, I wrote a caption stating I had purchased the winning ticket.  I think I wrote it out of context because at the time of purchase we were all kidding around that I had the winning ticket and stuff.  Apparently, my mind was still on that track and didn't switch to the HOPE part in time of texting.  The fact is the drawing isn't until April 2012.  It's for a wonderful cause, check it out:

1956 Chevy Bel Air 2 door Post Sedan or $25,000 cash
Friends of American Lake Veterans Golf Course 1st Annual Car Raffle
$10 per ticket
need more tickets call 253-589-1998 x305 for more info visit
Drawing April 16, 2012 5 pm

I have absolutely no clue if you have to be an in-state resident to win, you'd have to call and ask.  I do know it's a worthy cause.  They are helping the wounded veterans of this generation become active.  We have several members of our family and extended in active duty, these injuries could happen to any of them and we are blessed they have been kept safe from this harm.  If I should win the car, great!  The point it this is the least I could do to help others be restored to some activities in life many of us take for granted.  Do your part.

New Subject:

I have also been working on my Christmas projects this week and weekend.  I know, it's just the end of June but see these things take time and money.  I have a large family!  I'm one of four kids.  We average 2-3 kids who are now getting married and adding their partners, as well as beginning to blessing us with grandbabies too.  That may not seem like a lot for some folks but were I come from it's pretty big.  Would you like to take a peak at my pieces?

I'm trying out working with EnviroTex Lite an epoxy resin.  I don't get paid to work with this or anything.  I just ran across their blog and find it interesting.  I did resolve this year to do different kinds of crafts and art, so this qualified.  It seems pretty easy.  I made my first pour today.  I already think I messed up though.  You have to get the 2 part mixture done in equal parts.  I thought I had but after the pour, as I was cleaning up I noticed one bottle had a smidgen less remaining than the other.  Go figure.  Well, it'll take 24 hrs -72 hrs to know if it sets up hard enough.  I can already tell it's clear which is at least one worry dismissed.

I've also been working on some that have a base of abandoned keys and the parts of deconstructed watches and whatever else I find that looks like it might need a new purpose in life.

I have other types of charms that are pretty cute too and plans for more.  It's amazing what you can do with little bits and pieces of things if you just stop and think outside the box for a little while.

Well, I'm off now to play some more with my bits and pieces.  I'll try to get back here a little more frequently.  I've sort of slacked off in the last week or so mainly because I haven't felt to spiffy lately.  I'll be heading to Texas shortly, woo-hoo! I hope to have a few post ready to go before I leave and maybe a couple while I'm away.  Stay tuned for more to find out!

~hugs of love to all.

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