Monday, June 6, 2011

Forest Festival Weekend and more!

Well Hello again!  Here's hoping you had a terrific time this past weekend and enjoyed yourself, I know we did. 

These lovelies greeted us Saturday morning.

We had a super weekend here in Shelton.  This was the weekend of The Forest Festival.  An annual event where the community comes out of the dull drums for winter to celebrate the joys of the forest and sunshine of spring. ( I'm making this part up but I think I'm pretty much on target actually.) 

You see, it rains here, a lot!  For me it's not the skies or rationed sunshine that pulls me down through the end of the winter months.  It's more not being able to get outside and move around without getting cold and wet!  I think that's why the forefathers here began the celebration of The Forest Festival.  It begins with the crowning of the court at the local high school back in February.  (This is a lot like October Homecoming Events in the south ~ to me)  Then this first weekend of June it accumulates into a festival.  A carnival came to town for a four day visit.  Saturday there was the Annual Paul Bunyan Parade.  Take a look at some of the unique floats.

In one of the local sports fields there was a bazaar set up with arts and crafts vendors along with other various businesses.  The food was super too!  I ate the most delicious pulled pork sandwich.  OMG!  I wanted another for dinner but they had already closed up.  Anyway, there was a mile long line for the yummy elephant ears (a funnel cake on steroids with strawberries & cream). 

A traveling logging show was there too.  This is were you watch loggers scale the tall poles with a rope harness and boot spikes!  There was ax throwing, log rolling, buck sawing just amazing displays of skills the old school loggers used daily. 

And there was SUNSHINE all day long.  I for one have my fare share of sunburn, affectionately known as a farmers tan.  I'll have to work on evening this out now but it was joyous to achieve.  The day ended with a firework display sponsored by a local logging company.  Then cool gentle breezes filtered in during the evening to gently rock us to sleep after such a full day.  Sunday had a car show downtown.

I was was a bit more relaxing around our house on Sunday, well sort of.  I had to do the laundry,  Bill did yard work, yuck!  I'm starting to feel about laundry like I do about grocery shopping.  It's such a waste of time and money because it's never ending but so vital.

Oh, I almost forgot!  Look at the lovelies I purchased Friday evening...(giggle-giggle).  Pan Pastels.  I know, you're like what the heck KIM?  It's paint in a dry form.  You basically use sponge tools to apply the pastel paint which you can then leave dry as is or wet to activate the paint.  It's not a chalk but works like one at first.  They just have a super rich pigment and are so fun.  I played around a bit to get the feel but I've also scheduled myself for a class to learn more. 

I've been watching use these in her She Had 3 Hearts workshop and use them in her Inspiration Wednesdays videos.  They are so fun, you should try it out!  Start with 3 or 4 to get the feel then I betcha you get more!

Anyway, that was my weekend.  How was yours?  Let me know what fun exciting things are going on in your world.  Until then,

~Hugs of love.

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