Thursday, June 2, 2011

Post Card Klips

I started collecting post cards from antique and thrift shops. I don't know why really, except I really find myself in a happy place with particular cards.  My subject matter seems to run in a very eclectic pattern, which really isn't that unusual for me.  You should see my song list in iTunes!  It's all over the place and I passed that trait onto the kiddos, which they seem happy about.

Back to the postcards...I got to thinking this morning and said to myself, "Kimberly Ann! (that's my name when I'm being scolded)  If you are going to buy these things then use them.  But before you use them, scan them for preservation and future uses."  Then I proceeded to scan, and scan and scan.  Do you have any idea just how boring scanning bits of little pieces of paper can become?  And, yes, I do argue with myself too and I always win.

I was going to start a weekly posting of some of these so you could snag them for your projects but then I remember there are laws about that kind of thing.  (Dang it!)  Well, so far I've learned the laws get tricky around 1923, images that were published or created before that date are in the Public Domain. Works that were created or published after that date are in more of a gray area.  I'll have to spend some more time on this subject because I really like these sweeties.  Take just a peek...

This is a souvenir folder with an accordion fold out of various movie stars' homes.  I just love the graphics.  The stars included here are:  Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Alice Faye, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour, Ginger Rogers, Mickey Rooney, Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Cary Grant, Mary Pickford, Myrna Loy, Gene Autrey, Judy Garland, Jane Withers, Tyrone Power, Clark Gable and of course the grand dame, Bette Davis.

I have other folders but of different subjects.  There is one for Los Angeles celebrating "The New Civic Center", the postage indicated on the folder is 1 and half cents for mailing, imagine less than 2 cents to mail a letter!  The other is of silly animated cartoons, I also have 3 different ones on Canada.  Yes, I know, Canada?  Let's just say it's in the area of  where I live now.  Look at this little gem.  It measures 3 3/4" x 2 3/4", and all the tiny photos are there.

A while back I picked up some flash cards and post cards a local thrift store here in town, they are Russian subjects.  Pretty cool although I can't read much of the description on the back of the cards.  I liked the post cards for the architectural subjects, the flash cards might be good foundation in a mixed media project.

This has pretty much been my activity for the day.  I sure hope you all are having a good one and maybe enjoying some wonderful sunshine.  It keeps playing peek-a-boo around here!

~Hugs of love

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