Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Madness

Someone recently suggested we make Mondays longer.  I liked to have fallen out of my chair!  Could you just imagine how awful that could be.  However, if it happens to be one of your regular scheduled days off then longer might just be better.  Not so much for me, though. 

Weekend recap, nothing, nothing and more nothing.  Sorry but it's true I did much of nothing all weekend long.  I felt really bad physically.  My blood pressure is out of line and it's a big demotivator when your head feels like it's about to pop like a balloon.  The doctor has me keeping a journal of sort of my pressure readings through out the days.  I've started to think seeing these number might actually be exacerbating the situation, so I backed off the frequency to hopefully calm myself down.  We'll see.

Saturday, I did make my first time ever Strawberry & Banana slush smoothie.  M.m.m it was so good.  I drank it up before I could get a picture to mark the occassion but that's okay.  I made another Sunday and took it's portait before it was all gone.  My kids will probably laugh at this because they used to love to go get these.  My daughter tried and tried to get me to make them, I never did.  Guess that makes me a bad Mom on some level.  All I can say is, "sorry Kiddo! We'll make some when I visit!"

I did go into my craft room Sunday and try to take my self to a quiet place by creating.  It didn't work!  I played a little in my art journal.  Take a look.

Here are a few more pages from my journal I don't believe I've shared with you.  I hope you enjoy them.  They were really fun to do and ever so simple.  Pull out your 'crayons and markers' and make some art.  You're never to old to doodle or cut & paste.

~hugs of love.

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