Sunday, June 12, 2011

Groceries by Boat and stuff

Hey there my friends!  How are ya'!  I'm good, thanks for asking.

We had another great weekend here in the Pacific Northwest.  For that matter the whole week to ten days have been pretty darn awesome, weather wise.  I know you might be thinking, "she's crazy!  always writing about the weather-who cares.."   Seriously, I'd get it if you did, I probably would too, if I lived somewhere else.  You just have to remember I'm a transplanted Texan and well, it's immensely different in Washington.  My fellow Texans are continually breaking the suction of sweat between their backs and the back of their car seats, even with the A/C on full blast.  Although a few with Escalades that have the heating/cooling in the seats, those dudes got it made!

Back to Washington....  We live in a bay area, that's what's named but nothing much goes in or out except logs now a days.  Back in the old days (1930's-1940's) this was a bustling town.  Much of the traveling between the big city of Olympia and Shelton was done by water due to the poor condition of the mountain roads.  A little history lesson never hurt anyone.

Bill had gotten a little project boat last winter.  He worked really hard on this project.  Stripped the insides completely out, refinished the flooring, wiring, new seats, compound waxed etc...  Just to have something we could run around in on the Hood Canal and he could maybe fish out of too.  Well, he's learning the fishing is not so great in the waters close to home.  However, we can still run about in the little cutie.  This weekend was the first with nice enough weather and no other land activies we wanted to do so off to market we went.  Check out Google Maps or any other favorite mapping tool look up Shelton, WA then look over to the right and down just a smidgen, you'll find Olympia, WA.  Now travel it by water with me!

 At the boat Arcadia Boat ramp looking out at Squaxin Island.

 Our little mermaid.

 The is the capital Olympia, Washington.  You can just about make out the Capitol building.

 Sorry for the blur but we were moving and I was using Bill's camera.

 Now you can see the Port of Olympia better.

Approaching the Guest Mooring at Port of Olympia.
Once we went up the ramp from the mooring we were pretty much right in the Farmer's Market.  It's not as large as one you'd find in Dallas but it works here.  Actually, most every little town in the state has a Farmer's Market during the appropriate season up through Sept/Oct so a large facility really isn't needed.

We knew we wanted to get some onion sets for Bill's garden so that was our primary mission.  We also wanted to find some fresh veggies or fruits.  We began with the plan to just scout it out first.  The vendors are set up in a big circle with an inner circle.  We made it through turns one and two before we caved and bought some bees wax of all things.  I know, I know but I had to have it.  I've been learning how to use it in a mixed media class.  I got just a tiny bar to experiment with so it's okay.  The lady was really nice.  Bill started talking to her about how to raise bees, he's thinking he might want to start a hive.  Crazy but true.  We then just began to admire again and look what I found!

 Aren't they beautiful!

Aren't these just lovely!  I took loads more pictures but I'm trying to limit myself on the flowers here.

Bill finally found his Walla Walla onion sets and grabbed up quite a few.  I wanted flowers but we held back this trip, maybe next time.  We did pick up some beautiful asparagus and oh my goodness it was so fresh!  The bottom of the steams looked fresh cut and they were so pretty.  It's kind of weird writing that a veggie was pretty but it was!  Then I spotted the cherries.  mmm cherries.  Ask my kids their favorite treat at the lake when they were growing up and I bet 'cha they say fresh cherries.  They'd get the bag of cherries and sit on the swim deck and eat those babies up and spit the pits in the water.  I always wondered if that would be considered littering, but we decided it helped feed the fish or birds.

Anyway, I digress, I also grabbed up a new variety of Washington Apple to try.  You would be amazed at the various varieties of APPLE!  I love Red Delicious for just snacking, and of course Granny Smith for baking but man, they are just nuts about their apples here!  It's fun really to experience a different regional flavor of life.

There were Seniors doing some type of variety shop at the stage area.  I never did quite figure out what organization they were from or why they were performing.  I was really quite fascinated by the ladies getting up there and dancing in their little skirts.  I'd look around and see other women my age looking a bit fascinated and amazed at the display too.  I don't know why that was really but it was something to behold for sure.

Mmm they were good for dinner along with the asparagus we got earlier and my favorite mashed potatoes.

We also grabbed two langers (I think that's what they're called) for a snack until we could get to the house.  These are little dry smoked German sausages about the size of your finger.  They reminded me of a small Slim Jim sausage but without all the greasiness.

On the way back Bill wanted to explore a marina we passed.  The lady who owns a rental house next door to us operates a Marina in the area, but neither Bill or I could remember the name at the time. We thought if we saw it then the bells would go off, not so much.  But we did see some really beautiful boats. 

Lord help me, he's thinking about buying a sail boat for his next project!  Neither one of us knows a thing about operating a sail boat!  Well, except to watch out for power lines tangling with the mast.  We watched a couple, years ago, try to launch a sailboat but ran into the over head power line with the main mast.  It was funny at first then we realized someone could've been really hurt, they weren't but still.

We left the house around 11:30ish and got back around 3:30 pm.  Not to bad a little trip!  It was a beautiful ride, the sun was shinning and the wind was calm.  We couldn't have asked for more.

 Home again at the Arcadia boat ramp.  Looking more toward our Oakland Bay which is not visible here.

Our sweet little ride.  She was a honey.

Well, that's was our big event for the weekend!  I hope you enjoyed the ride.  We did.
~Hugs of love

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