Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Treasure Hunt Update and other things

Hey there my friends!

Just thought I'd drop by and give you an update on one of my projects.  You may recall a few weeks ago this bit of $3 treasure find.

Well, slowly but surely I've been working on it.  The most time consuming part was deciding on color(s).  I knew I wanted red but then I couldn't decide what to pair it up with, white because that's what I had on hand, or a gingham pattern if it was even available, or maybe black.  I finally bit the bullet and just went red on red.  I'm a little disappointed only in that the reds don't match.  Then again, I knew they wouldn't be exactly the same since they are different products by different makers.  But I was hoping they'd at least have the same hue.  The vinyl is off just a tad with more of an orange cast to it.  Oh well, I'm sure it sits perfectly fine anyway.  Here she is our new addition to the kitchen. 

drum roll please.........


This is what my great fisherman brought home for dinner Sunday.  Mmmm they were sure tasty and will be for future dinners to come.  Y'all come on over, ya' hear!

The blue one Bill is picking up is a Lin cod, very tasty.  There are 7 black bass, 1 rock fish, and 2 new types I don't know about in that cooler.  Not bad for a days adventure in the little blue boat out in the Pacific!  Check Rocky out!  He's so noisy.

I have a question for you all.  Actually two.  First, have you heard of or currently use Pinterest?  The best I can tell it's like an online bulletin board.  Why do you use it?

Secondly, what about using LinkedIN?  I opened an account several years ago, never really used it, actually forgot about until recently.  Now I am receiving a few invitations from the daily work world and art world.  I updated a lot of my information as a result but I wonder how best to utilize the tool.  Anyway, your thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

Oh ya!  I almost forgot.  I won a prize today!  Yea! me!  I was checking my morning Facebook entries because that's what I do to keep up with my family in Texas.  I also quickly check Networked Blogs just to see what's going on in the world I love.  The daily title 'No. 24' caught my eye so I clicked on over to learn I had been chosen as winner for a gift from the blog!  How cool is that!  I've never won anything like this before.  I was so excited Bill had to come check on me because of all the noise I was making...hehehehe.  Go visit them and let 'em know Kim in WA from TX sent you over, just because:

I'll talk to you later, gators.
~hugs of love

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  1. Hi Kim, I'm Becca...I saw your comment on Christy Tomlinson's blog, and thought I'd drop over. What you wrote about being in a sort of "funk" took the words right out of my mouth with my job lately! Then, when I came over to say hi, I saw you have the same blog background & to top it all off, you are living in my favorite place...the PNW! Funny this blog world isn't it? Anyway, nice job with the chair, and I'll be back again to check out more of your art and photos of beautiful Washington!