Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

WoW!  What a day!  I sure hope you all had a beautiful sunny day where ever you are!  We tease each other here about how intoxicating the sun can be for us.  Today was one of those days.  Please don't get me wrong the rain is needed for world here to thrive and be so lush.  I just sort of expect it to be just a tad bit warmer when it does, that's all. 

I talk alot about the weather because it is such a large part of life.  I just never really realized just how much it impacts me until I made this drastic change, ie... move from North Texas to Western Washington.  I'm telling you it's actually very similar in a twisted way.  The volume of rain is about the same, honestly it is.  It's just in Texas you get it all at once about twice a year, in Washington it is rationed through out the year.  So far, my experience has been July and August are fairly dry with a few light showers here and there.  The winds in Texas will blow you down and turn your umbrella inside out in the Spring and Fall, then bite right through you in Winter.  In Washington, well, first of all you don't use an umbrella unless you want to be known as a tourist.  The winds here blow strong in the Spring, like a few days ago, then they gently billow the curtains as you sit quitely reading a book.

Oh my goodness ya'll!  I watched the sun go down tonight like I've never seen before.  Of course, I've seen a sunset before but tonight I watched it dip behind the mountains like I've never seen a sun set happen before.  It happens so fast!  I was totally amazed at the steady, smooth pace in which it just slide behind the Olympic Mountains.  It all happened in less than 1 minute, you'll have to come visit and we can time it next time!  I wanted to take a picture but I didn't want to move in case I missed it.  It just brought home to me how awesome a wonder this world really is and how it works.  It is  amazing!  You should've been here to see it!

This is not even near what I saw tonight but it gives you the point of view I had.

Not much more was going on today.  Watched American Idol and loved Haley's performances.  I also really like Lauren's show and Dance always makes me cry. 

I did video my commutes for you but I'm having a challenge getting them uploaded.  I'll try again tomorrow.  Did you know it's hard to record while you drive, no wonder hand free laws are in place.

Hugs of love to you.

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