Friday, May 20, 2011

Fablous Friday

That title might be cliche but it rings true for the day.  I like every other person in this country love Fridays.  It's the time to exhale and let go of a weeks worth of tension because if you don't you might just explode.  For some unfortunate souls it's the beginning of their work week, I'll tell you now, sorry dudes that stinks for you.

I work in the personal lines insurance industry.  You know your local agent that you call and tell you bought a new car or maybe you'll be closing on this new house.  Yep!  That's me.  I'm also the one you call angry with because your monthly premium just jumped up by X amount of dollars yet you have a clean driving record, and all insurance companies are crooks.  Yep!  That's me again.

So imagine if you can what it's like to pull up to your refuge to find what I've been finding these last few weeks.

Aren't God's blessings just beautiful?  The smell, oh my goodness, it's so fresh and just a little sweet from the lilacs.  It does sort of make some many of those nasty rainy days worth while, key word here was some, ya'll.  Seriously, though I can have a miserable day at the office but as soon as I pull into the drive way the tension just flows a way on the breeze once I get a whiff of the lilacs.  We are so lucky to have a large one in the front and another on the side outside the kitchen window.

I started working on my art journal tonight, just like I planned.  I've pretty much done the background, take a look.

The workshop is about  an old Chinese proverb that goes something like... "She had 3 hearts; one to share with the world, one to share with her family and one for herself."  I may have it off a little but that's the jest of it. 

So I now need to decide how I want to depict that on the front of my art journal since that is the subject of the art to be found inside.  hmmmm what to do, what to do?????  I'm going to step away until till tomorrow and see if the day doesn't inspire me some how.  Thanks for coming around.

hugs of love.

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