Monday, May 16, 2011

Blustery Monday Ramblings

Back home (TX) I seriously do not recall Spring feeling blustery, Fall yes, Spring no.  Here in Washington, Spring is blustery.  I am now starting to understand the concern of windstorms here.  We were laying around yesterday (before nap time) when suddenly the winds came in strong and fast.  Don't ask me from what direction because without being in my Jeep I have no clue which way I face.  After 2 years you'd think I'd have it figured out but, no, not so much. 

Anyway, the winds have come in and blow pretty strong.  We keep thinking the reason they are so strong is because we are in a valley of sorts, so they come over and down between the mountains, then slap us in the face.  I'm back in a sweater again today. 

Last year Bill tried to grow tomatoes for the second year.  The poor things were whipped around and beat up pretty bad by these Spring winds, we even replaced the plants once or twice.  Eventually we harvested a couple of tomatoes but it definitely wasn't worth the cost of supplies or the frustration.  I don't believe he'll even try again this year.

Taken from our back deck.

I long for the warm Texas sunshine and the smooth Southern voice of my kin.  And I especially need to see this little guy for tons of love and loads of play.  We had a Skype date tonight, it'll be more fun in person!

Good new is I'll be around in July, bad part of that it's the beginning of what I like to call "Super Summer".  Hugs of love to you all.


  1. how on earth did you get that picture from the deck soooo clear! thats the first time ive seen the mountains like that! usually cloudy :(

  2. I just got lucky, that and it's the law of large numbers. Since I live here I was bound to catch the shot eventually.hehehehe.