Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Come Ride with Me!

I'm new at this stuff, y'all got that in the beginning right?!  I am having to self teach about blogger and youtube.  Keep in mind please, I have little patience for reading technical jargon, so it's slow going here.

I've entered a youtube link here, because I couldn't seem to figure out how to upload the dang video through blogger.  I'm more of a emulator when it comes to learning, in other words, show me how and I'll do it like you.  I really need one of my kids to come up and teach me this stuff, mostly the youtube editing and uploading.  (hint, hint)

Should you get to the video a few explanations might be needed:

  1. I didn't think to turn the radio on first, sorry.  I also still have to figure out how to overlay music.  Rihanna's 'Drive' could have worked really well here.
  2. I do eventually start talking to you.
  3. The town has an annual fund raiser to help pay for the beautification.  They hang these flower baskets along the road/streets through out town.  The baskets/flowers are kind of puny looking to start with but by September or October they are the most beautiful bounty and so colorful.
  4. Oh, and it may not look it or feel it from your perspective but the fastest I drive is 30 mph, I swear!

I began working on my art journal for an ecourse I'm taking.  I'm finding the course very inspirational but the actual work a bit intimidating.  However, I am pushing through the fear and tackling the challenge.  I might just share a pages with you in the next day or two.

What are your plans this weekend?  If you're back home in Texas, I bet a lot of you will be in the water somewhere.  I never could stand the cold water at this time of year, it was always about July 4th for me.  I think we'll be heading out to Westport Saturday afternoon and explore around there for the afternoon.  Hopefully the weather will at least be clear.  Sunday and Monday I plan to create all day long!

I just checked the weather and Texas is looking okay for now but the further east you go the heavier it looks.  I have kids on the road out there, I pray they are safe and sound.  Keep you eyes on the skies my friends.

Hugs of love~

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