Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Deal of the Day

Hey there world!  So, I didn't make it Westport today but that's okay because there is tomorrow and it holds unknown possibilities.  Today I went treasure hunting again!  I had to run into the office for a few minutes first but after that it was on.  I tried a few spots in what I consider 'up town' but nothing really worth the stop.  I call it 'up town' because it's up the big hill from us, thus....'up town'. 

Anyway, I ventured out to a local charity sale.  The local Kitten Rescue organization takes in donations of 'garage sale' items, then they hold a big sale about once a month or so when the weather permits.  I scored BIG time!  B-I-G!  I then went on to a few other household sales and picked up some more goodies.  Take a look at my loot.

There's a Sawyer's View Master in the loot with some disc from the 60's - 70's.  I just couldn't resist for $6.  The clocks and watches will be gutted for some Steampunk projects as will the ceramic pieces.  I was hoping the Monopoly game would have Seattle player pieces but it didn't.  Now for the BIG score... drum roll please......

That's right my friends a Dooney & Burke for $1.50.  Granted it's 'vintage' 80's- 90's but it's in terrific shape, black with the brown trim and all the pieces in place.  I couldn't read the label at the sale (old lady eyes) and my hands were full, so I couldn't pull out my glasses. I figured what the heck for $1.50 (if it was a knock off so what) and it was a charity sale, after all. I screamed for joy when I got home and saw what it was.  I found a similar one in an antique store in Texas right before we left. I debated getting it because it was the carmel and creme. When I decided to go for it I walked back around and it was GONE-In-Sixty-Seconds. I don't remember the exact cost but it was less than $20. So this one was meant to be mine.

I worked in the flowers for a little while after storing away my goods.  Then I wanted to finish my altered kitchen clock.  Do you remember?  I so forgot to take the before picture.  But here's the final project now hanging in my room.  I really like it.  I'm planning to use one of the clocks I found today to make a more masculine version of sorts.


I then began my work on my Art Journal for my up coming e-course/workshop with Christy Tomlinson.  If you read my post on a few days ago you'll know the workshop is about a Chinese proverb and the course is titled, "She had three hearts".  Well, that got me to thinking and wanting to stay within the area of subject about a woman's hearts.  I was really struggling with what I wanted to put on the front as the focal point.  I didn't want to put just three hearts but if done well it could work.  That idea just wasn't sitting with me very well at all.  I toyed around with using three different dimensional hearts but again I just wasn't feeling it.  Then suddenly it hit me, 'duh!  the tattoo!'

My tattoo.  I love my tattoo, it's very symbolic for me, but then most are.  I had wanted one forever but it's a big decision and until I found the perfect thing to last forever, nothing was going on my body.  I found my design by accident when surfing the Internet.  (Sorry but there is a lot of back story here.)  I have a weakness for fairies.  I'm not obsessed with them and I don't really collect a lot, although I have a few given as precious gifts from my kids.  I just feel connected to the lore more than anything. 

Anyway,  I found an artist here in the Seattle area, Amy Brown.  I love her work.  She had a fairy holding a grape and there were other grape clusters in the design.  Anyway it just struck me that it was as if the fairy was holding up the grape as if she was admiring or protecting it our something.  I thought about a story I had heard about how fairies guard the garden etc...  Well, to me this fairy could guard my heart.  So the tattoo artist modified the art enough to place a heart in her hand versus the grape, we removed a cluster of oak leaves through out but for balance we left the grapes on top (now I think it could've been eliminated).  It's placed on my left shoulder blade so that it's closest to my heart (and it's easy to cover).  I like many others have had a few too many seriously broken hearts.  For me there has been three major events that have harmed my heart. She's there now to protect me in the future (or so I like to believe).  Here's my tattoo.

So now you know the story behind my art journal cover.  Luckily I still had the original tracing the tattoo artist used.  I made a photocopy onto some white card stock.  Then used my Faber-Castel pens and did my best to match the colors.  I must say the shading done by the tattoo artist makes a world of difference.  Mine came out a bit more bold but I still like it.  Hubby was amazed so that makes me happy too.  Have a look.

That's pretty much my day!  Hubby and I got the chance to sit and watch a movie together before he had to catch a call for work.  So it was a wonderful day all in all.  How was yours?  Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs of love.

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