Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Charmed Kind of Day.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned I would go treasure hunting recently.  I have yet really go.  Sorry.  Our weather here has returned to the typical wetness for the region, it does not entice me to get out and about.  I just can't get motivated to get out and about.  Maybe if someone was with me to share the adventure but on my own, I'm just simply not motivated.

I did do some shopping this weekend for work clothes but that wasn't exactly fun.  I'm finding more and more often I really didn't appreciate my physic 20 years ago, or even less than 10 years ago.  We'll just leave it at that for now.

I did wanted to spend the weekend creating though not shopping ( I know shocking isn't it!).  Again, I just couldn't get motivated Saturday.  I tried to trick myself by making a promise to myself if I got all my housework done I could then work with my art.  It seems though that by the time I got the house work done, went to town for some work clothes then started dinner, I was just not wanting to do anything else.

This morning I started out again with a strong purpose to create.  I sat on the sofa with my coffee and before I knew it I was hooked on watching TV with the hubs for a while; DIY Disasters.  I think of this show as a 'how not to' kind of program.  We then spent a lot of time discussing paint color choices and decorating ideas for his home office space a.k.a. the previous dining room.  We are planning to begin painting the interior in the next month or so.  Although we know we have a general idea of design/color scheme, it has yet to be nailed down.  This concerns me because as hard as we try to communicate our ideas we often don't quite get it over to the other person.  ah well!  We did find Sherwin Williams HGTV color schemes very helpful, you should check it too.  If you'd like to see more of what we are planning you can check out my Home Board on Pinterest.

His plan is to start in the pink bathroom and work his way toward his home office.  I think of it as the start small and end large plan.  And yes, pink bathroom, see it has walls that are tiled half way up in pink ceramic tiles, a pink tub & pink ceramic tile surround, pink toilet and pink sink.  We are going to use brown on the white walls to tone down the pink until we can afford the major renovation maybe in a year or two.  There's nothing wrong with the fixtures other than the color pink, which would be terrific I think if it was just a girly girl bathroom but in this house, it's the ONLY bathroom, so the pink has to go.

I did finally start to get creative though.  I pulled out my care package from a few months ago and went through it looking to become inspired.  I created one trinket so far from that stash.  It did the trick though.  I then pulled out an old costume piece that belonged to my Grandmother.  I just now, as I type this post, realize what a dummy I can be!  Grrr!  I didn't take a picture of her necklace before I took it apart!  Gosh Darn it!  I have to remember that next time, why?  I don't know other than I think it's the right thing to do. 

I made a few little baubles and started on a few others.  Take a look.  You probably can't tell very well but the upper pieces are beads that are primarily yellow with a stream of pink and gold.  The lower unfinished pieces are yellow.   The original necklace was a three strand piece with the shortest strand riding a choker length, very 60's.

I also cooked a pretty awesome beef stew while I worked on these things so my creative mojo was good today!  Well that's all I have today.  Still enjoying the new job! Woo-hoo!  I hope you all have a wonderfully creative and fulfilling week.  Until next time,

Hugs of love.

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