Monday, September 5, 2011

Treasure Hunting and the ER

Yeppers!  I've neglected posting again.  Seriously, I want to post.  I think about what I want to say all the time, even with the pictures I'd use to help tell the story.  However, for some dang reason these last 6-8 weeks I just don't seem to have the umph needed to sit down and actually write out the darn post.  Sorry dude.

I had started to play catch up and was doing pretty good, I thought.  Then I stopped again.  So instead of just being anal about order etc... I'm going to dump what I've been wanting to share and maybe this will get us past this hic-up.

My day had started out pretty good yesterday.  I was going treasure hunting!  Woo-Hoo!  It's been starting to feel like forever since I get out and do some hunting.  I hit up a few garage sales that were still going on a beautiful sunny Sunday.  Some were fairly picked over but that was to be expected.  I went to a few Estate Sales, which always unnerves me but didn't really find anything at any of them.  My final point of destination was an Antique Store that was going out of business.  lately too many businesses are closing and this always makes me sad.  All I could do was try to support them and buy a few things now.  This was my view upon arrival at the store!

Beautiful isn't it and I'm standing in the parking lot!  You are looking at the Hood Canal with the Olympic Mountains in the background.  Lots of kayaks, a few sail boats and even a bow rider or two out on the water.

Of course I grabbed a few little treasures here.  I wanted more but I just changed jobs so...  I got 11 of these huge National Geographic maps from the late 40's - early 50's.  I love them.  What will I do with them, collage maybe?  I thought about framing a few sections of them, we'll see.  The other goodies I grabbed at a garage sale.  I'm not sure why I've been sort of collecting Hob Nail glassware but there are some pieces I just can't seem to walk away from.  I'm not really caring if it's a knock-off or not, if I like it and the price is right, I get it.  Of course, a $1 kitchen clock I'll deconstruct.  The little ceramic cocker will go somewhere special, anything cocker seems hard to find!  The wooden pedestal plate will sit somewhere in Bill's office space and hold beach treasures and this glass buoy I picked on this trip.

I had posted on Facebook mid-day yesterday about where I was on a holiday weekend and if you knew my husband you'd know.  Nobody said a word.  I was shocked, I half expected some family to at least post or maybe call, oh well.  I love my hubs but he's a bit of klutz sometimes.  We had a trip to the Emergency Room.  He thought he re-broke his foot, more specifically the long bone on the outer top edge.  A quick x-ray and a few minutes later we learn it's not broken but again we get this line "as we age...."  apparently there are some kind of growths that can occur between those bones on the top of your foot that can really cause some pain.  Oh Joy!

I just wanted to share this etched glass piece with you.  It's in the Emergency waiting room.  There is another section to the right which continues the scene of the salmon stream.  It's seriously all about the Salmon here in the Pacific Northwest!

Anyway, so off to Olympia to the closest Walgreen's to get some pain medication filled, remember it's Sunday.  It's all good.  He's better and I think we are both relieved that his foot isn't broken again.  While we waited on the prescription to be filled we stopped in the Barnes and Noble across the street.  You just can't go wrong going into that store!

Well, that was my Sunday.  Saturday wasn't all the eventful (laundry day) and today I cleaned physically and electronically.  I'll check back in with you soon.  Until then...

Hugs of love to all.

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