Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm back

Oh wow!  I knew I hadn't been on the blog for quite awhile just didn't realize it has been since October.  I kept meaning to come back and share but it just never seemed to happen.  Life seems to have settled down a little for me, so I think now's the time.

In addition to a life settling, I am starting a new workshop called Your Living Canvas, check it out: .  

Part of the class is journaling to learn more about yourself (that's my take on it) then the next part is creativity.  I have to be honest though I haven't even begun the pre-work.  It's not that's hard, other it requires reflection, I just haven't sat down and done it.  I had promised myself today is the day, that was days ago.  Well, hopefully soon.  The good news, I have all year to work through the workshop!

I also became involved with a group of nice folks on facebook (thanks again Jeff) which is encouraging me to get back to my treasure hunting creativity.  I realized a few weeks ago, the weather plays a big role in my treasure hunting, in that up here there just really aren't any garage or rummage sales to venture out to once the rains start again in September/October.  Seriously, who wants to run around outside in the chilly wetness of the world?! 

Now with that all said, I haven't just been sitting on my tush eating bonbons.  I've been doing the job thing, kind of have to do that.  Courtesy of the hubs I had a terrific Christmas vacation with my lovely daughter, grandson, sister in law and niece at Disney World.  Then I worked some more doing some art to find some joy, shared that with a young lady who discovered Hobby Lobby for the first time and I've worked some more.

I've been posting a lot of the creative stuff on facebook to share with friends and family.  I'll pull a few over here over time to share and to give a little background on a few things I have in the works now.

Let's start with this one.

This glass bottle is a $1 find at the Goodwill.  I then covered it with modeling paste and applied some faces.  The faces I molded myself with Fimo air dry clay with a store bought mold.  Let it out to dry over night.

My next step was to paint the entire project.  I used burnt umber as my base coat then applied a few highlights with a couple of other browns to give some depth.

I then highlighted the faces with some jewel tone green perfect pearls.

Those who see this think at first it looks like milk chocolate, then the next impression is tree bark.  Tree bark was what I was going for.  I'm thinking on the next project I'll need to vary the brown a bit more to give it more texture.  It's a puzzle but fun.

The next project I'm planning is very similar to this one, only not with the faces and I haven't decided on the background texture yet.  It'll be something for Mom, if it turns out.

Well, its about that time, I need to start getting ready, we are going to a concert tonight, gonna go see Van Halen woo-hoo!

hugs of love.

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