Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Creativity

Hi there peeps!  We've been a little busy here at the home base.  My hubby seems to have this thing to find it more productive to schedule seasonal projects. 

For instance, last summer he worked on redoing or back deck. 

Then in the winter he bought a little boat, stripped it down and built it back. 

This recent summer he did phase two of the deck (ya it's big), sorry no pictures of this phase.  Now the man has it in his mind this winter's project is to work on the inside of the house, starting with paint!  I'm for that one!

Although we have similar taste they are sometimes just far enough apart that we end up with nothing.  It sort of works for us.  Our color choices have always been in the warm neutral tones, soft blues and greens, except for the kitchen which may be extremely bold in comparison  (black & red). 

This weekend hubs took down an old light fixture and installed the new!  We both love it.

He then go busy painting in the hardest yet smallest room of the house.  The infamous pink bathroom.  We choose a neutral brown in hopes of toning down the pink.  New light fixture and towel bars complete the process.  Some day we hope to have an entirely new bathroom but until then we are just trying to make do with the original owner's lovely color choice in fixtures.

I also had a chance to get some of my own creative mojo flowing.  It was so fun simply because it felt like forever since I had sat down to ink and paint, cut and paste.  I know a little boy who's going to get an unusual Halloween 'card' soon.

That's about all folks.  And not as an after thought but...I am so proud of my husband and the hard work he puts forth on making our house our home.  Other than that, I really want to spend more time creating, my problem now, time and the mojo.  Until then,

hugs of love.

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