Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Catching back Up to the World.

Hi there again!  I have a lot tell but I have this oddity about chronological order, forgive me.  Last time we 'spoke' I was catching you up, basically, on my entire summer.  I left you with the end of my trip to see the family in Texas.  By the way, I really miss them, sure wish they would move here were it's cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters.  I swear it's not as cold as you'd think but the chill does last a bit longer.  Anyway....

The local area fair was held toward the end of July.  It's a far-far-far cry from what the State Fair holds, it's just a sweetness of a different variety.  We went last year and actually enjoyed the simple taste of a country fair, since we both had only experienced massively large State Fairs.  I didn't carry my camera this time though and used my Droid for the few pictures I did take.

I am such a lousy self portrait taker...besides it was pretty windy that day too so I lost the battle before I even started.  We planned our visit in time to see a local troupe of 'flame performers': Dragon Slayer, I think was their name.  Like I mentioned it is a small country area fair.  We were trying to choose whether to see them in the early evening or after dark.  If we did after dark we'd miss other things we were considering, however, I still think if we had waited for the after dark performance it would have been better but you can only be in one place at a time.

We then walked around the grounds a bit to see what was going to be for dinner.  Fair food is awesome no matter where you are.  For some reason we settled on a burger, but we followed it with my favorite fair food  "FUNNEL CAKE"!  There is something similar here in the region they call "Elephant Ears".  I think it's a Belgium fried bread done pretty much the same but yet it's thicker and more doughy. I tried a savory one last year at a different event.  I prefer the funnel cake.  Mmmmm it was good and I thought about seconds.  Bill, you need to practice this one for me!  Wait, maybe not. 

We then traveled through the exhibit buildings.  This is one of the things we like about our area fair.  You get to see the work of the kids in their 4H Clubs as well as some terrific endeavors of adults.  Then of course you have all the animals.  Oh my goodness!  All I could think of was Jordan would have an absolute fabulous time visiting all this animals.  Here are just a few I found endearing.

Then it was time for something I've been wanting to do since I was a little girl.  The Rodeo!  Yep! That's right.  I am a native Texan.  My niece even participated in Rodeo events, my grandmother  practically lived across the street from the Mesquite Rodeo (it was a big deal at the time), but I have never been to a Rodeo until now. 

I loved it!  The pageantry of the opening ceremonies, the riders fighting to hang on for 8 seconds, the clowns being well-clowns, the kids gathering out in the middle for a boot scramble, all of it was fun to observe.  We didn't stay for the entire event though, my back just couldn't stand the wooden bleachers for much more than a hour or two.  What we did see was terrific.  There was even a guy riding who was from Texas.  Guess who I cheered for?  Actually, in all honesty, I cheered for every contestant but maybe just a little louder for my fellow Texan.

remember I said I left my camera at home.

Anyway, it was a great day.  The sun was shinning and it was warm, at least until about an hour after this photo was taken.  See, the sun started setting and well you get the idea.

This pretty much catches us up through July!  

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